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Metal Barns Are Perfect for Your Unique Agricultural Business Needs

Metal Barns Are Perfect for Your Unique Agricultural Business Needs

American Agriculture and the Metal Barns that Make it Possible

If you’ve ever worked on a farm, you already know how hard the work can be. And even with modern advances in technology allowing farmers to take on larger and larger agricultural projects, the job will always be challenging and require wisdom and resolve. And that’s precisely why it’s so important for farmers and growers to choose the right equipment and infrastructure to do the job.

For years barns have been a staple of the American farm. And while originally built from wood planks, modern barns are now often built using steel components. They’re incredibly strong, durable, and flexible enough to work for almost any application. With this kind of versatility, it’s no surprise that many American farmers choose metal barns for their farm buildings.

So, if you’ve been thinking about purchasing a metal barn and want to know more, you’re on the right track! Below, we’ll dive deep into these brilliant structures and how you can get the most out of yours!

The Diverse Uses for Metal Barns

Believe it or not, metal barns aren’t just a place to store hay bales and horses. In fact, they’re highly adaptable buildings that can be configured to suit a wide array of agricultural uses. Let’s look at how these structures are used on farms around the country.

1. Livestock Shelters

If you have cattle or any livestock, it’s crucial to have comfortable housing for them during inclement weather and extreme temperature swings. Unfortunately, this requires an ample amount of internal square footage for larger farms. Not only can metal barns be built to enormous sizes with minimal need for internal support, but they’re also far more affordable than any stick-built structure.

2. Equipment and Machinery Storage

Working the land isn’t just picking up a shovel and some seeds and heading out to the field. Modern farms utilize heavy and complex machinery like tractors, combines, harvesters, and more. To keep farming operations running smoothly, these tools must be stored appropriately. Rain, snow, and intense UV light can damage paint, wear out components, and shorten the lifespan of your equipment. But with a metal barn, you can keep them in working order and in pristine condition.

3. Supply Storage

From fertilizer to gardening and landscaping tools, metal barns are just as useful in the backyard garden as they are on the farm. And no matter what you need to store, you can relax knowing it’s safe from the elements.

4. Crop Storage

Another way these buildings aid the agricultural community is crop storage. Whether it’s a standard barn or a custom refrigerated building, these structures are an integral part of ensuring that fruits, vegetables, and dairy products make it from the farm to the store shelf.

5. Recreation Areas

From picnic shelters to auction houses, prefab metal barns are perfect for almost any recreational job. These structures are regularly used for recreational infrastructure on and off the farm.

6. Additional Storage

Lacking storage room isn’t relegated to agriculture! Just about everyone could use a little extra storage room. Luckily, metal barns are some of the most effective ways of protecting your investments from the elements and potential intruders.

7. Farmhouses

Did you know that metal barns can be insulated, finished, and transformed into a fully-livable structure? If you’re looking for a new home on the farm, a metal building is one of your most cost-effective avenues! And they can be built far more quickly than wooden structures, too!

8. Greenhouses

If you’re the owner of a green thumb, greenhouses are a fantastic way to grow all year round! And since metal barns are so adaptable, they can be outfitted with transparent paneling, ventilation, windows, doors, and anything you’d need to transform a metal building into a fully functional greenhouse.

9. Horse Arenas

Some metal farm buildings, like those built using clear span technology, can be engineered at enormous dimensions without needing internal support. This makes them a perfect solution for larger riding arenas, training facilities, and more.

10. And Many More

There truly is no end to the possibilities when it comes to how you can use a metal agriculture building. From loafing sheds to metal barn kits, these versatile structures work in almost every corner of the farm!

Popular Sizes for Metal Barns

When it comes to metal buildings, there are so many different sizes and configurations that it can be difficult to know exactly what’s available and what works best for your needs. To help, we’ve put together a few of the most popular size options for these structures.

1. 48’x30’ Metal Barns

At 1,440 sq. ft., a 48’x30′ metal barn offers enough room for storing hay and equipment or housing a few horses. While providing plenty of space, it’s still versatile enough for just about any agricultural purpose.

2. 36’x30’ Metal Barns

A 36’x30’ metal barn is a great size option for storage sheds or loafing sheds, offering roughly 1,100 sq. ft. of interior space.

3. 54’x40’ Metal Barns

2,160 sq. ft. of the room is a lot of space to work with! They’re an excellent solution for housing tractors, heavy equipment, and livestock.

4. 26’x35’ Metal Barns

A 26’x35’ metal barn is a great size option for garden sheds, greenhouses, and multiple-car garages.

5. 30’x20’ Metal Barns

With 600 sq. ft. of space, a 30’x20’ metal building offers the room you need for a tack house. Keep all your equestrian equipment together, organized, and handy with this trustworthy structure.

7. 30’x30’ Metal Barns

Coming in at an almost identical size to 36’x30’, 26’x35’, and 30’x20’ metal buildings, this squared building size is a great choice for animal covers, horse stables, and pretty much anything you can think to do with it. The only limits here are your budget and your imagination.

metal barns for agriculture needs


The Many Benefits of Metal Barns in the Agriculture Industry

If steel buildings and metal barns weren’t such a strong, adaptable building style, they wouldn’t have reached the popularity they now enjoy. Since these structures can be designed and customized to fit any need, there are many advantages to owning one. Let’s take a look at just a few:

1. Durability

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more durable structure than one built from steel. After all, this is the same material they use to construct massive bridges and skyscrapers. Steel does not rot or decay like wood and will last for decades longer than most traditional construction methods.

2. Cost-Efficiency

Since lumber prices are steadily increasing, metal buildings have become one of the most affordable construction methods on the market. They can be built quicker, more efficiently, and at a far lower price tag than other building types.

3. Increased Productivity

With the reduced maintenance and trustworthy design, you won’t spend all your time on the farm performing repairs and maintenance. This will allow you to focus on your tasks while trusting your building to handle the rest.

4. Increased Security

It’s a little harder to break into a metal barn than a wooden one. These buildings are designed to offer you peace of mind knowing that your equipment, animals, and valuables are safe from burglars or intruders.

5. Weather Resistance

Depending on where you live, the weather can get pretty nasty! In fact, many regions of the US regularly see violent weather patterns that include high winds, flooding, snow, and even tornados. And, unfortunately, many stick-built structures aren’t up to the challenge. However, metal buildings are uniquely designed to withstand the wind, snow, and seismic forces generated in your area.

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