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Beginners Guide to Buying a Metal Building

Beginners Guide to Buying a Metal Building

Steel buildings are a big budget, so before jumping in with both feet, you’ll need to make sure you’re getting what you pay for. The best way to do so is by doing your homework and making sure you learn everything you can about the various aspects of purchasing a steel structure or metal building kit. These durable, trustworthy, versatile structures are a solution you can rely on for decades. Just make sure you get one the right way!

Know What You Want Before Making Your Metal Building Purchase

Pre-engineered steel buildings have become one of the most popular choices for many types of residential, agricultural, and commercial buildings. A few of the many advantages they have over traditional construction projects is that they’re long lasting, durable, and affordable. When you’re looking into buying a custom steel building, you’ll need to take several factors into consideration first.

  • Know What You Need – If you already know the size dimensions of the structure you’re looking to invest in, this could definitely speed up the process. This also goes for customization options, certifications, foundations, and other choices. By knowing what you need from the start, it’s much easier to make sure you’ll get exactly what you need and want.
  • Check Local Codes and Permits – One of the first and most important things to do before spending your money is to check with your local building department and zoning office in regard to codes and permits. Many cities and counties have specific codes and requirements that will need to be met before having your structure installed. If you skip this step, your building department may require you to take the unit down and start over.
  • Know the Company You’re Buying From – The most important tip to remember when buying a metal building is to buy from an accredited, reliable manufacturer with a reputation you can trust. By purchasing your unit from a company you can rely on, you can rest assured knowing your structure will be designed and engineered to the highest standards in the metal building industry.
  • Know When to Buy – Knowing when to buy is critical for getting the best deal out there. More times than not, these steel structures follow a seasonal trend, so it’s best to buy when sales are lower. If you find dealers who have quotes for similar buildings, but their prices are very different, ask them for an explanation. Chances are, the buildings aren’t as similar as you think.
  • Check the Details of Your Paperwork – There are some companies in the metal building industry that may ask you to commit to buying a structure and making a down payment before putting it down in writing. You should never, under any circumstance, agree to a verbal contract; get the details in writing to make sure you’re getting the steel building you pay for. Once the contract is finished, you should carefully review it before signing to know what is included in the final price.

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