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6 Ways to Improve Your Metal Garage Before Summer Starts

6 Ways to Improve Your Metal Garage Before Summer Starts

There is no doubt that summer is one of the best seasons to enjoy, especially when you have an outdoor space to use. If you are looking forward to the warmer months, why not start planning how to improve your metal garages now so that you can enjoy year-round support from your building.

Steel garages are a popular choice with property owners across the country as they offer so many benefits. However, metal garage buildings do require annual maintenance to keep them in the best condition, helping you to get the best for many years to come. If you are new to metal garage maintenance, you may be feeling a bit daunted. To help you get started, we have shared a number of helpful tips so that you can cover all bases and keep your garage in great condition!

6 Tips to Maintain Steel Garage Buildings

Making a maintenance plan is often the best way to go about organizing your metal garage buildings. We’ve listed six of the best tips to help you get a plan into action, take a look now and start work when the weather gets warmer:

  • Clean Up Your Construction Zone – many owners of steel garage buildings use them for more than just storing cars. You may have set up a workshop or construction zone in your garage, helping you to complete all your DIY tasks whenever you need to. This area is the first part of your plan – you need to clean it up, organize it and thoroughly clean the garage space that it occupies to check for any maintenance issues that may be hiding underneath.
  • Think About Landscaping – if your garage is surrounded by land, then your next step is to clear any overgrown plants, lawns, and bushes, freeing the garage from nature’s grips! Failing to do this can cause problems with the construction, especially from invasive plants. Cleaning it at least once a year will help you to avoid this.
  • Clean and Clear the Roof and Guttering – falling leaves, birds’ nests, and other debris can build up in the gutter and on the roofs of metal garages. Taking the time to clear and clean these areas will help you to see if there are any other maintenance needs and stop the current build-up from causing problems further down the line.
  • Replace Your Door Hinges – the door hinges on steel garages can often become rusted or warped, causing you issues when it comes to using the doors. Replacing them on an annual basis will help you to avoid the damage that is caused when someone forces a door to open or close with a defective door hinge.
  • Clean the Exterior of Your Garage – when you have cleaned and cleared your roof and gutter, your next job should be to clean down the exterior, making sure that the paint or décor finish is in good order and that there are no chips or dents that you need to address.
  • Check for Leaks – condensation and leaks can be a big warning sign that your steel garage needs to be repaired, and checking for these issues on an annual basis will help you resolve problems before they grow. Take the time to check every inch of the garage for these issues and the source of the problem so that it can be quickly fixed.

Prepare Your Steel Garages for Summer

Once you have completed your annual maintenance checks and routines, now is also a great time to prepare your garage for the summer months! There are four key areas that we suggest you focus on:

  • Check Your Ventilation – summer can be long and hot, meaning that you need the ventilation in your metal garage kit to be working without any issue. Take the time to check the system and any accessories, making repairs where needed.
  • Reduce Your Consumption and Keep Cool – there are a number of ways you can keep your garage cool without having to switch the AC on. Keeping doors and windows closed and covered will help reduce the heat, and ensuring that the roof is in perfect working order will help to deflect the sun’s rays.
  • Reduce Condensation – condensation is a recurring issue during the summer as steel garage kits get hotter and hotter. Install a condensation remover to help you control the issue and make sure you wipe up any pools of water when the condensation runs down the building.
  • Choose Light Colors – repainting your garage is a great idea in the summer as it will dry quickly. Always opt for light colors so that your building can work hard to stay as cool as possible for you.

Purchase Steel Garage Kits Now

If you want a metal garage but don’t currently have one, then now is a great time to get installed. At Get Carports, we have many clients who ask us to design and plan for their garage needs as we have lots of experience and offer great customizations.

You will need to think about the space you have available and the outcomes you are looking for but when you know this, all you need to do is arrange a planning consultation with us so that we can help you bring your plans to life before the summer months come around.

Why You Need Get Carports

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